Our MOQ is 1 piece/set for the Our MOQ for most products is 1 piece or 1 set. For products with special requirements. MOQ may be subject to other requirements. I suggest you tell me your product specifications by email:lby@emtpigging.com, and I will give a definite answer after checking with our engineers.

We can offer you PDF products brochure, and you can find more details from it. Please kindly offer me email via chatting widget on the bottom of this page and I will send you by email.

Yes, we have. We can offer CO such as Form A,Form B,Form F,Form P Etc.

Normally we have ISO 9000 and 4000, what other certifications do you need?

Please wait me one minute, I have to check with our engineers and the shipping company.

We accept TT ,Alibaba, and L/C . But I recommend you to use TT or Alibaba. If you want to go through Alibaba, please wait for a while, I will make a payment link for you.

I’m terribly sorry about that we can’t provide sample product for free, but our MOQ is 1 set/piece, I suggest you can buy 1 product as sample product.

Normally 12 months. Except for wearing parts.

We are a professional manufacturer in China, passed Alibaba field certification. Our company has been in this line of business for 30 years, since 1992.

Yes, EMT has a complete R&D and production capac

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