Polyurethane Solid Cast Scraper Pig


Polyurethane Solid Cast Scraper Pig has the same adaptability as the foam pig, plus the toughness generally connected with the mandrel pig, making it an ideal choice for short-distance batching items.

Polyurethane Solid Cast Scraper Pig is lightweight in addition to ranges in size from 2 inches to 48 inches. This product is straightforward to introduce along with neat. It can go through 1D bends, in addition to can fit around 20% of pipe limitations. So it can experience limited range bends and additionally different small pipeline sizes.

The design of the cup allows the stress of the pipe to make the external protecting surface area of the mug near the internal pipeline surface to ensure favorable securing. Removing gas or fluid in the pipe can utilize it. And afterward, it can be used for batching, and hydrostatic assessments. As well as also the elimination of paraffin, bits, or other deposits. It is lighter than a mechanical pig. So it can run longer as well as also better.

After the pipeline building and construction, these products can also be made used to clean the pipe and also eliminate different pollutants. It can additionally be utilized for pipeline hydrostatic assessments. Before making use of it, the private should take a look at the satiation mistake. After opening up the shutoff, the customer will check the pipeline size of the movable round valve. It is exact as well as additionally remove the weld at the joint.

Solid Cast Pig


Compact framework.

Its whole system is firmly repaired together. The central shaft and also the tail flange are pressed together by the die. All cleaning mugs, brushes, and various other parts are piled in front. And also the friction and stress of the front end act on the axis in the backward instructions. If the front leather mug is harmed, the whole system will never be scattered. When the thickness and framework of components alter, the main shaft can likewise be tensioned. So he can get through the pipe smoothly.

Excellent cleaning impact and uniform wear.

The main shaft is made from tough hollow polyurethane. The weight of the whole system is more than 35% less than that of the metal structure. The flexing and also cleaning effect of the system is much better than that of the steel shaft system. Although it is light in weight, the leather mug is challenging to deform in the pipe. This way, it is hassle-free to clean the pipe equally.

So that the wear of all components is uniform. Polyurethane shaft is less complicated to flex than steel shaft and has a solid passing away capacity. It has little danger of being bumped and damaging the pipeline when passing through the dogleg of the arm joint. And it will certainly never obtain stuck in the pipeline as a result of the tiny span of curvature of the pipeline elbow.

It can be prepared and constructed according to customers’ needs.

The system can prepare or match parts according to customers’ requirements. It can be set up or reconstructed by someone.

The combined system can finish pipeline cleaning, water removal, metering, product isolation, wax elimination, and hydrostatic examination. The relevant pipe dimension range is dn259 ~ dn720.