Non Intrusive Pig Signaller

This Non Intrusive Pig Signaller is used to determine whether the pig passes or not during pigging of oil, gas, water and other transmission pipelines.



This Non Intrusive Pig Signaller is used to determine whether the pig passes or not during pigging of oil, gas, water and other transmission pipelines. It is flexible and convenient to install and disassemble, and can meet the requirements of various pipes for indicators. It only needs to fix the indicator around the outer wall of the pipeline. Therefore, it solves the problem that the mechanical passing indicator is easy to ignite, easy to produce mechanical failure and is not explosion-proof. Moreover, it affects the accuracy of passing ball judgment and the problems of false alarm and missed alarm caused by electronic interference. In a word, if you have any other questions, please contact our professionals to answer them for you.

Product composition

The Non Intrusive Pig Signaller includes many parts. The explosion-proof remote transmission display mechanism tzsl has heating function, passing time, 100 times of storage and memory, remote transmission and explosion-proof mark Exd Ⅱ CT6. There are also protection IP65 and sensing mechanism yy-fct, removable card mounting mechanism, connecting wire and extension rod. If necessary, it is generally composed of buried pipelines.
The sensing mechanism of the magnetic explosion-proof pass indicator includes a magnetoresistive circuit, a balanced amplification circuit, a low-pass filter circuit, a trigger circuit, a CPU, etc. There are also supporting remote switch circuit, display circuit and reset circuit.

 Use characteristics

During the operation of the product, when the pig with magnetic force passes through, the passing time of the pig will be displayed and a switch signal will be transmitted remotely to understand the operation of the pig in the pigging process. The display mechanism simultaneously stores and remembers the number of passes and the time, and the number of memories: 99 times.

Scope of application

1. Applicable temperature: – 40 ~ 85 ℃.
2. Suitable for conveying pipes of all materials.
3. The pig shall be equipped with magnetic force source (permanent magnet 3000-4500 Gauss)
4. Applicable gas and medium places
5. Explosion proof sign: Exd Ⅱ CT6
6. Protection: IP65.
7. Power supply: 4 No. 7 batteries or 24V DC power supply is selected through jumper cap.
8. Remote signal is normally open and normally closed.
9. Contact capacity: not more than 3a.
10. Action time of remote signal: 3S.

About pipeline cleaning

This product needs to be used with pig. Physical cleaning is a method of professional cleaning. It is a physical method to remove dirt from the material surface. Physical cleaning methods have one thing in common. That is, high efficiency, no corrosion, safety and environmental protection. Therefore, the research on physical cleaning has been paid more and more attention. Physical cleaning methods: high pressure water jet cleaning, water gas cleaning (air stirring), electric pulse cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, pig cleaning, mechanical scraping, etc. For pipelines, especially long-distance pipelines, pig cleaning is more economical and reasonable.

The pig has the following characteristics.

(1) The shrinkage is strong, the range of polyurethane material is 0.032 ~ – 0.128g/cm, and the shrinkage ratio can reach 35%. Therefore, pig has strong trafficability and can pass through various elbows, valves, pipe fittings, etc.
(2) High strength, mixing with different polymer elastic materials. And a coating outer layer of a heterogeneous polymer elastic material. So that the surface strength (tensile resistance and puncture resistance) is high. It can remove dirt without damage under high pressure and temperature. Some also have sharp protrusions such as steel brushes and nails on the surface. Which enables it to remove hard scale.
(3) The dimensions and specifications are complete. The diameter range of pig is D5 ~ d3000mm. It cooperates with the changes of different densities and different surface coverings. This can be applied to various specifications of pipe cleaning.
(4) There are many kinds of dedicated pig. Besides ordinary ones, there are many special ones. For example, it is used for new pipeline cleaning, special for squeezing, coke removal, isolation medium, etc.

Cleaning principle:

the diameter to be selected for pig cleaning is slightly larger than the diameter of the pipeline to be cleaned. The general interference is 10% ~ 15%. Driven by the pressure medium, pig runs in the pipeline. Due to the existence of interference, the pig is tightly pressed with the inner wall surface of the pipe. Under the action of friction, pig will remove the dirt attached to the inner wall of the pipe. At the same time, the pushing medium behind the pig reaches the front of the pig through the annular gap between the pig circumference and the partition wall. This forms a small flow and high velocity annular jet. It can not only wash away the dirt accumulated on the front end of the pig. Moreover, it also plays a role in cooling and lubricating the pig.


Box-Opening Introduction

Open the box and there will be an instruction book, clamps that are installed on the pipeline, magnetic blocks installed on the pig, batteries and a pig signaler. There are five parts in total.

Two ways for power supply

Indicator code





Non Intrusive Pig Signaller

 Indicator feature

Manual reset flag

Manual reset flag combined with electrical signals

Date and time display combined with electrical signals

Installing type

2″Welded base, nipple joint. Design pressure up to 3000Psi

Trigger type


Insert depth (In pipe)

13 mm

Plug body length


Insert depth adjustment

20 mm

Operating temperature

—20~120℃/Meet customer requirements

NACE MR – 01- 75


Ingress protection


Explosion-proof class

ExdⅡ BT4

ExdⅡ BT4

Include isolation valve


With bypass valve


With bleed valve


Remove under pressure



Special retriever


NameNon Intrusive Pig Signaller
MaterialStainless Steel 304, Stainless Steel 316, DSS F51, Carbon Steel A105N, and also Inconel 625
Operating Temperature-20±120
FeatureFirstly, High wear resistance
Secondly, Good cleaning performance
At last, Low cost
AdvantageFirstly, They are lightweight and flexible.
Secondly, Nice cleaning efficiency.
At last, Accurate location tracking.
  • Battery powered

If you select battery-powered mode on-site, firstly, turn the instrument over, and then open the protect cover. The middle part is the battery box, and the upper part is the power selection plug. The current default mode bat is battery-powered, and the left side is in 12-24 V DC power supply mode. Next, install the battery. The No. 7 battery is installed, which requires four batteries in total. Finally, install the back cover, and the instrument is in a normal power supply state.

  • DC power supply

First, install the instrument on the pipe, take out the clamp in the box, and install it on the pipe. Then, use a straight screwdriver to tighten and fix it. A total of two clamps need to be installed on the pipe. Fix the instrument to the pipeline, tighten and fix the clamp, and the instrument installation is completed. If the selected DC power supply mode is on-site, the external power supply shall be connected. Open the plug on the right side facing the display. There are four leads inside.

Red and black are power lines, which are externally connected with 12-24 V DC power supply. Red is the positive electrode and black is the negative electrode. The yellow and white lines are remote signal lines. Open the rear cover, the four lines on the right side are connected to the four terminals on the rear side. The red plug on the upper end needs to be plugged into the 24-volt external power supply mode.

  • Use of digital display

First, press the select key, the first display light will be on, press enters to confirm, and the current geomagnetic intensity will be displayed. Press the adjust key in the middle, and each time you press the adjust key, it will rise by 20. It will cycle from 0 to 240, and only increase upward. It is recommended not to operate it if it is not necessary. If it is needed to set, please read the instructions carefully. Press the select key to switch the second light, and you can view the times of passing and the time of each passing.

For example, for the fifth time, you can see the time of the fifth passing. The third light is the clearing function, and the fourth light is the time setting. The hours and minutes can be adjusted. Each time pressing the button, the number will increase by one, and it can only increase upward.

  • Demonstration of pig-passing alarm process

The instrument has been in the state of clearing. When the pig passes, it displays “01” and the passing time, accurate to minutes. When the pig passes the second time, the display displays “02” and the passing time.

This product needs to be used with pig.

We use PLYWOOD CASE as packaging, it has the following advantages:

1.Light weight,clear lines,insulation,high strangth,not easy to deformation; 2.No fumigation required.

Our Service

1.Many kinds of pig signaller with different type to meet difference requirements.
2. Samples will be offered to attest to the quality and our services.
3. The fastest feedback!
4. The fastest delivery time.
5.24 hours,7 days online.


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