Quick Opening Closure Lock Ring

The Quick Opening Closure Lock Ring is an important component of the pressure vessel. It has many advantages. For example, the opening and closing speeds are fast, the operation is smart, simple, safe, and reliable.


Operating procedures for Quick Opening Closure

1. Structure

The Quick Opening Closure Lock Ring is an important component of the pressure vessel. It has many advantages. For example, the opening and closing speeds are fast, the operation is smart, simple, safe, and reliable. The quick-opening blind plate comprises a high neck, a door cover, a ring lock, and a locking mechanism. There are also sealing rings and safety interlocks. The inner circle of the high neck and the outer circle of the door cover have ring grooves. Half of the ring lock is embedded in the high neck groove during operation.

And the other half is embedded in the door cover groove. Which thereby locks the high neck and the door cover. When opening the door, tighten the ring lock through the locking mechanism with a booster rod. Because this makes its outer ring smaller than the outer diameter of the door cover. So that the door cover can be opened. So its operation is very convenient. The seal ring is designed with a reasonable structure and excellent materials. This ensures product sealing performance. In addition, it is also equipped with a safety interlock device with an alarm function. It can sufficiently ensure safety and reliability.

Quick Opening Closure

2. Overview

Pressure vessels need to be cleaned, unblocked, inspected, and cleaned on a daily basis. The Quick Opening Closure is a fixed quick-opening device at the nozzle. The filter separator and launcher of many equipments are equipped with Quick Opening Closure. In a short, if you have any other questions, please contact our professionals to answer them for you.

3. Operating procedures

1. Inspection and preparation

(1) Check that the Quick Opening Closure and auxiliary devices are in good condition.
(2) Confirm the opening and closing status of each valve before opening the blind plate.
(3) The operator shall vent the natural gas in the receiver and launcher first. Ensure that the ball cylinder is not under pressure. That is, the indication of the pressure indicating device on the equipment is zero. And keep the vent valve fully open;
(4) Prepare special tools.

2. Opening of lock ring quick opening blind plate

(1) Open the vent valve and blowdown valve of the pressure vessel. This reduces the pressure in the cylinder to zero;
(2) Unscrew the bleeder valve. Remove the safety card;
(3) Turn the screw rod clockwise. This separates the pressure ring to a certain position. It completely separates the teeth of the left and right pressure rings;
(4) Gently pull the handle of the blind plate cover. We can open the blind plate.

3. Closing of Quick Opening Closure

(1) After the dirt in the sealing surface, the sealing groove and upper and lower pressure ring handles are completely removed. Apply antirust grease;
(2) Push the blind plate cover into the press ring completely;
(3) Turn the screw rod counterclockwise. Lock the blind plate cover;
(4) Install the safety card. Tighten the vent valve;
(5) Close the vent valve and blowdown valve of the pressure vessel.

4. Precautions for operation and maintenance of quick opening blind plate

  1. No one is allowed to stand on the front and inside of the quick-opening blind plate;
  2. The person using the blind plate must understand the structure and operating procedures of the blind plate;
  3. The air valve must be opened before the blind cover is opened. After the pressure in the container drops to zero. Only then can we open the blind plate;
  4. Before pressurizing the pressure vessel with the blind plate. The locking plate of the blind plate must be installed first.
  5. After putting into use, it is not allowed to knock and collide with all main pressure-bearing parts;

(1) The surface of the blind plate must always be kept intact and clean;
(2) Regularly inspect the main pressure-bearing parts of the blind plate (such as the blind plate cover and cylinder surface). If we find severe corrosion or cracks. Find out the reason in time. And properly handle it;
(3) After each use, the sealing rubber ring and sealing groove shall be cleaned, inspected, and lubricated.

5. Risk analysis and reduction measures

Quick Opening Closure risk analysis and reduction measures




Leakage at the blind plate seal

①There is dirt on the sealing groove, sealing surface and O-ring surface;

②Aging of the sealing ring

Clean it up and install the seal

Leak at safety interlock

①There is dirt on the sealing groove, sealing surface and O-ring surface;

②The sealing ring is aging.

Clean it up and install the seal

The blind cover and the blind seat are dislocated

Slewing mechanism parts loose or displaced

①Up and down dislocation: adjust the adjusting nut on the rotary hinge shaft;

②Dislocation from left to right: Adjust the positioning screw on the shaft sleeve

Other faults

Contact the manufacturer

Common faults and treatment of quick-opening closure

Operational work activities

Hazardous factors

Harmful consequences

Risk Control Measures

Quick opening closure operation

Ferrous sulfide powder spontaneous combustion

Fire explosion

The staff strictly follows the operating procedures. To take wet work. Periodically clean the container of dust and condensation. Strictly control all fire sources. Prevent air from entering the sewage system. Monitoring natural gas concentration

Fire, explosion

Personal injury, equipment damage

Wet ball collection. Strictly follow the operating procedures. Strengthen work supervision. Monitor natural gas concentrations. Operators wear protective clothing. Use explosion-proof tools. Control all fire sources

Natural gas leak

Fire, explosion

Strengthen inspection and operation supervision. Strictly follow the operating procedures

Mechanical damage


Strengthen inspection and operation supervision. Strictly follow the operating procedures. Wear labor protection equipment. Do not face the device directly during operation. The operator should stand on the side.

Poisoning, suffocation


Strengthen inspection and operation supervision. Monitor harmful gas concentrations. Strictly follow the operating procedures. Wear gas mask, air respirator

6. Precautions for storage of Quick Opening Closure

If the baby needs to store the quick-opening blind plate (or the container containing the quick-opening blind plate) (including temporary storage). We must be blind
The inner surface of the high neck of the Board shall be lightly coated with an anti-rust protective wax or other alternative protective materials. This includes sealing surfaces and all machining.
Remove the sealing ring in the head cover. And then a protective material is lightly applied to the organic processed surface again. Finally, we reinstall it into the head cover seal ring to prevent moisture.
Before installing the sealing ring, remove the protective objects on the groove and sealing surface and evenly apply a layer of antirust lubricant.

(1) Measures to reduce stress and deformation

To ensure a reliable sealing effect. The deformation caused by the assembly, welding, and post-weld heat treatment shall be minimized. This kind of risk can be reduced according to the following suggestions:
1. The branch pipe connection on the simple body cannot be located near the circumferential weld of high-neck welding. The distance between welding edges shall not be less than the nominal diameter of the branch pipe.
2. After the vessel branch pipe is connected. Weld the weld between the high neck of the Quick Opening Closure and the simple body. And before welding, the door cover of the blind plate should be removed.
3. The preheating temperature should be kept at least 209c. However, it depends on the welding technical parameters in the welding process judgment record used
4. To maintain continuous heat input. Please use a fully automatic or semi-automatic process.
5. When a manual metal arc process is used. A staggered welding sequence shall be adopted.
6. Large blind plate with separate fixed lifting lug. It can be installed with temporary lifting lugs. It can assist in supporting the welding position. The temporary lifting lugs shall be cut off after welding. For blind plates without lifting lugs, lifting eye screws shall be used for lifting and support welding.

(2) Maintain

Ring lock adjustment

If it is difficult to operate the ring lock and alarm screw, we should adjust the ring lock:
1. Expand the ring lock to the locked (closed) position, and then install the insert and alarm screw. The alarm screw shall be easy to install and tighten.
2. Adjust the eccentric sleeve to rotate the locking pull plate between the eccentric sleeve and the shaft sleeve
3. After adjusting to the proper position, tighten the eccentric sleeve by tightening the Allen screw
4. Recheck by expanding and contracting the ring lock. If requiring the adjustment, follow the above steps.

Replace the sealing ring

If it is necessary remove the seal ring of the blind plate from the blind plate. Then we simply take the sealing ring away from the sealing groove. However, we should pay attention that the sealing surface will not be damaged by sharp and hard objects.
1. Before unpacking the sealing ring. We should clean the sealing groove. And evenly apply a thin layer of silicone grease.
2. Reinstall the sealing ring with two radial corners in the sealing groove. Install the sealing ring into the sealing groove at the top (12 o’clock position). Then install them separately (at 6 o’clock, 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock). Then we evenly install the remaining parts. Finally, we should ensure that the sealing ring is installed in the center of the sealing groove smoothly.
3. Finally, carry out the hydraulic test. When the design pressure is greater than or equal to 11mpa, it is recommended to conduct flaw detection on the seal ring after the test. If damaged, the sealing ring must be replaced.

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